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Data Builds Trust. Trust Reduces Friction

Written by
Jonathan Pyle
Published on
March 31, 2022

Negotiating repair times remotely can be one of the most painful aspects of an estimator’s day. It can be difficult to capture the severity of the body damage through photos alone. And then there is the actual negotiation, which can delay getting started on the repair even more. And that’s what makes the app so unique!

Smart devices today have sensors and lenses that can see things that the human eye can’t, and when you combine that with their processing power, you have the potential to do amazing things. The app focuses all that power into a simple, shareable report that precisely details the damage, clearly defines each of your repairs, and gives you the control to share all that data as you need. And once everyone is holding that data in their hand, everyone can agree on what it’s going to take to do the repair right.

What’s more, the App stores all your repair orders in a single place, whether yours is a single or multi-shop operation! Administrators have access to view all repairs across your organization or view each location separately. If ever there is a need to share information with another person, it can be achieved quickly and completely, without the need for extra attachments or more emails.

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