iPhone mock-up showing the Additional Repair Operations checklist.

New Feature Spotlight

Additional Repair Considerations

An estimators job is difficult, managing customer expectations, meeting deadlines, negotiating with insurers all while working to ensure the vehicle is repaired correctly and that the shop actually make a profit on the repair. In version 1.3 of the Dents.co application, we have added a new checklist for (ARC) Additional Repair Considerations. These list are populated based on the Manufacturer of the vehicle and the panel and substrate selected for repair.

Our reports now include the ARC items that your estimator selected. By sharing one page with the insurer you are providing documentation of the area, depth, hours to repair, and additional operations required for the repair.

Damage Measurements

Why do damage measurements matter? We witnessed massive shifts in the process and practice of collision repair during our time in the industry. 10 years ago, it was common to see insurance adjusters and estimators negotiating repair times while standing by the car. Now most adjusters work with collision repairers remotely, relying on pictures alone.

Introducing measurement data provides a common point of truth to facilitate easier negotiations. We believe this will reduce friction, save you time and money, and build trust between repairers, customers, and auto insurers.

2 iPhones with mockups of the Homepage and Panel Details screens of the Dents.co mobile application

Link Sharing

Sometimes a static report isn’t enough. Great news, with the Dent.co app you can share a link that allows stakeholders outside of your organization to see the important details in your Repair Orders. Whether you choose to share with an insurance adjuster or a customer your clients can feel confident in the repair path and charges that you are billing for your effort.

Repair Order page on Dents.co Web Application

Second Opinion

What exactly is the Dents.co Second Opinion? The Dents.co Second Opinion utilizes our proprietary algorithm to determine an estimated repair time for body damage.

This has never been possible in the past because it is very difficult to measure damage accurately, and has been especially difficult to do that over a large set of damage. The Dents.co app was built to solve this problem, and now that we can measure the damage, we can compare it to similar damage.

Screenshot of Second Opinion on the mobile app.

LiDAR Accuracy

Measurements like these have been very tricky in the past, if not impossible. Thanks to the LiDAR sensors in the newest iPhones and iPads, we can measure vehicle damage with accuracy never before possible. We believe that leveraging this level of accuracy will build confidence in auto body repair pricing, and facilitate a new level of trust between repairers, customers, and insurers.

Digital example image of mesh grid highlighting damaged panel severity.

Damage Depth Mapping

In addition to the depth measurements, the Dents.co app generates 3D depth maps to better communicate the severity of damage to a panel. You can use this data to suit your company’s needs to determine repair vs. replace, or to negotiate repair time.

Two-phone mockup showing in-app view of a repair order with 3D depth map.

Detailed Reporting

Most negotiation these days is done through your estimating system or over email. We have created detailed reports that you can download and share with insurance partners or customers so you can get repairs approved and underway. Whether you want to share damage on a single panel, or multiple panels, via a PDF or JPG, we’ve got you covered.

Centralized Management

Through our web application, managers and administrators can view all the existing Repair Orders at one or multiple collision repair facilities. This gives you the insight and flexibility you need as a leader to make crucial decisions to move your business forward. Additionally, you can assign estimators to one or multiple locations and create location managers that can handle the onboarding process for new employees at their locations.

Screen capture of the Dents.co dashboard on the web application.

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