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Data Makes All the Difference

Written by
Jonathan Pyle
Published on
March 24, 2022

The App gives you the precise data you need quickly. We are confident that you will make a great impact with a little help from

Imagine the time saved by your estimators! No more time wasted trying to prove the scale of damage with simple images alone. The app will do that for you with every scan. Or consider the consistency you will develop in estimating each new repair. All that data can be focused on providing customers with the most accurate estimates they’ve ever seen! And what about your negotiations with insurers? Since you’ve already quantified the damage, measured it with lasers and identified the materials, how are they going to argue with all this information?

Over time, your customers and insurers will come to trust your business even more because you’ve made the process easier and the facts are transparent for everyone, all because you saw the potential of your business when paired with the technology provided by

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