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Written by
Jonathan Pyle
Published on
September 9, 2022

What is the Second Opinion?

The Second Opinion utilizes our proprietary algorithm to determine an estimated repair time for body damage.  This has never been possible in the past because it is very difficult to measure damage accurately, and has been especially difficult to do that over a large set of damage. The app was built to solve this problem, and now that we can measure the damage, we can compare it to similar damage.

iPhone screenshot of Second Opinion, Suggested Hours confirmation message.

Additional Features in V1.2

iPhone screenshot of Unrelated Prior Damage option in the app.

Unrelated Prior Damage Tags

Collect all of the details of Unrelated Prior Damage for your insurance partners. Any damage captured in the app can be marked with the new UPD tag so that they can be easily distinguished from other damage related to the Repair Order. The UPD tag is displayed on all of your reports so that you can easily upload them to your Estimating system to share with your insurance partners.  

iPhone screenshot of damage photos taken in-app saved in personal photo library.

Damage Photos Saved to Photo Library

Any damage photos you take in the app are saved to your photos library in an album called This allows you to easily reuse these photos in your estimating app or to share them in other ways necessary for your business needs.

In-app image of the new RO Attachments feature.


Need to store more information about the Repair Order in the app?  Now you can!  You can now store up to 10 attachments along with each Repair Order.  Only images and .pdf files are allowed.

Putting it to work for you!

Move away from the estimate and forward into measurement. You can start your free trial today. Simply download the app from the Apple store, walk through a quick setup, and start being paid fair and accurate repair times for your panel repairs. Want to see it in action? Sign up for a live demo at

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