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Identify commonly missed operations with v1.3

Written by
Jonathan Pyle
Published on
March 28, 2023
Additional repair considerations screen on the mobile app.

What are Additional Repair Considerations?

When you repair a panel, there are more operations required than simply the repair time. Maybe there is a belt molding or door handle that needs R&I. Maybe there is a rear facing camera that needs R&I, as well as, calibration. Now in the latest version of the app, we provide commonly forgotten repair procedures in a convenient checklist. The estimator simply selects the operations that need to be completed, and all of those items are now available on our new streamlined reporting!

How are Additional Repair Considerations Determined?

We show only the additional operations that are most useful based on this specific repair. We do this by filtering the list by the manufacturer, the panel being repaired, and the substrate material of that panel. Additionally, we include Miscellaneous Operations that are often overlooked on repairs regardless of the circumstances related to the repair. We will be updating this list periodically, so please feel free to send us suggestions at

How do I share these necessary procedures with insurers?

Great news, we have completely redesigned our reporting to include this new information. Now there is one simple report that details the damage size & depth, the estimated hours to repair, and the additional repair consideration. Simply save the file and upload to your estimating system for the insurers review. It can't get much easier than that! Repair Order Report example document.

Additional Updates (You mean there's more?)

  • New User Walk Through - When you first load the app, you are walked through the most important best practices for getting quality damage captures.
  • In-App Support - Chat with us directly in the app. No need to go to our website to get support!
  • In-App Documentation - Inside the chat window, you are able to review our documentation and watch quick-start videos.
  • Major Performance Improvements - Along with the other features we have also spent a great deal of time improving the code, so that the app is faster and more intuitive.

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