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A Message From Our Founder

Written by
Jonathan Pyle
Published on
February 22, 2022

Welcome to,

I truly appreciate your interest in our product. Having served at nearly every level of the collision repair business, from sweeping the floors to running a multi-store operation, I completely understand the issues that you face in your business every day.  That’s why I created, a software product built to help solve one of the problems that I knew all too well.

When I started my career in the collision repair industry, it was common to see insurance adjusters and shop estimators standing beside a car negotiating repair times. I have also seen that trend vanish over the past several years and be replaced with photos sent to call centers for review, and since the pandemic began I have watched this trend grow rapidly. There are definitely some benefits to this new process such as reduced overall cost for the insurer and customer, reduced wait time for an insurance adjuster to visit your auto body repair center, and fewer people in and out of shops which keeps us all safer during COVID. There are also some drawbacks:

  • The real scope of the damage can be difficult to share via photos alone.
  • Not negotiating repairs face-to-face dehumanizes the experience and causes friction between insurers and repairers.
  • Negotiating remotely can lead to intentionally padding estimates or cutting repair times which break down trust between insurers and repairers.

For these reasons, I developed to measure damage with the smartphone you carry in your pocket every day. It is my belief that capturing the truth about the severity of the damage will lead to less friction in the negotiation process, more trust between insurers, repairers, and customers, quicker approval times, and more accurate repairs. Add all of this together and everyone wins, the customer is happy because they got their car back faster, the insurer is happy because they are confident about the effort required to repair the damage, and you the shop owner are happy because you were able to get fairly compensated for your effort.

We hope you will join our efforts to improve this part of the auto body repair process with us. We are continuously working to build new features with an intense focus on reducing friction and building trust in the collision repair industry.


Jonathan Pyle

Founder -

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