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New 3D features are now available in v1.1

Written by
Jonathan Pyle
Published on
July 27, 2022
iPhones featuring the app in action.

What's new in v1.1? 3D Measurements and Depth Maps are here!

We are really excited to share this release with you. Several of you have told us that measuring and visualizing depth would be a game changer for negotiating repair times. We truly hope you enjoy all of the benefits of these new capabilities.

3D Measurements

The mobile app leverages the LiDAR sensors in the latest iPhone and iPad Pro models to estimate the depth of the damage relative to the natural curves of the panel. This allows you to capture that measurement and report on it down to the millimeter, providing a high level of precision for negotiations.  

Depth Maps

In addition to the depth measurements, the app generates 3D depth maps to better communicate the severity of damage to a panel. You can use this data to suit your company’s needs to determine repair vs. replace, or to negotiate repair time.

3D Reports

3D data has added new depth to our reporting. Our new reporting format fully integrates 3D data, including depth measurements and heat mapping imagery.  We have also added a focused, dent-level report to better organize documentation and bring clarity to your negotiations.

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